Nordlenska Ltd,. is a production and marketing firm for agricultural products. The main production is lamb and sheep products, beef and pork. Nordlenska is one of the leading Companies in Iceland exporting lamb and sheep meat with main markets in Scandinavia and Europe. Nordlenska was established in 2000 when Kjtinaarst KEA located in Akureyri and Kjtijan located in Husavik were merged. In year 2001 Nordlenska bought Kjtumboi GODI which charted a course for one of the largest meat producers in Iceland. Theowner of Nordlenska is Bsld. Bsld is a shareholder company owned by 532 farmers.

Agriculture in Iceland
There are about 3600 full time farmers in Iceland and the number is decreasing. Most farms are small and family-owned, land and holdings have often been in the same family for generations. Almost all full-time farmers are members of the Agricultural Society of Iceland, which provides advisory services for agriculture on behalf of the state and the agricultural trade union, The Farmers Union.

The Uniqeness of the Icelandic Lamb:
Sheep-farming is as old as the human settlement of Iceland itself. Icelandic lambs are born in the spring and spend the summer grazing freely in the fresh air of Icelands highland pastures. The lamb is reared entirely outdoors and its natural diet includes sedge, willow, thrift, moss champion and berries. The lamb production is simply based on harvesting the bounties of nature. The use of hormones as growth promoters is strictly prohibited and antibiotics are banned as a feed additive. The Icelandic weather, unpolluted air and abundant supply of clean mountain water make the use of pesticides and herbicides unnecessary. Thanks to the geographical isolation and stringent agricultural regulations that control the import of live animal, many common animal diseases are as yet unknown in Iceland.
For these reasons Icelandic lamb meat is becoming recognized throughout the world for its healthy nutritional value and unique taste. The production of lamb meat is decreasing and has been for the past decade. The reason is decline in demand from the consumer.

Meat Inspetion
The Icelandic lamb meat industry follows strict international procedures in hygiene and quality control. A health certificate issued and signed by the Chief Veterinary Officer at the Ministry of Agriculture in Iceland goes with every shipment of meat exported. The certificate guarantees that the meat has gone through the inspection procedures of the export country. The inspection is carried out on live animals as well as after they have been slaughtered. Testing is enforced on regular basis for residues of veterinary medicinal products, heavy metals, parsiticides, pesticides, PCBs and radioactivity.
The carcasses are stamped and labeled with an official Icelandic inspection stamp with the word "ICELAND" and the export number of the slaughterhouse. Carton boxes of joined and packaged meat are sealed with labels from the Chief Veterinary Officer with the export number of the slaughterhouse.

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